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    Chunchen Xinghui Industrial Co.,Ltd. is located in the southwest of jincheng City Shanxi province,which,facing the central plains at south,Taihang Mountain to the east,the Yellow River to the west and Hebei Province at the northjs a gate of central plains and has transport facilities.the factory is as near as 1.2 kilometres away to the highway entrance where directions to jiaozuo,Macao,Houma are available.Moreoverjt is near to the national road 207 and the railway station with only three kilometres away……

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    2019 07/13
    Environmental Protection Accep

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    2019 07/13
    Monitoring Report on Environme

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    The service life of the ductil
          The service life of the ductile cast iron pipe will increase greatly
          People have been pursuing the quality of the product, but they forget to...
    Monitoring Report on Environmental Protection Acceptance and Acceptance of Centrifugal Ductile Iron Pipe Project with Annual Yield of 210,000 Tons in Xinghui in Spring Morning

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